~Waiting For The Storm To Pass~

~Write On Paper~

~We All Fall~

~We All Fall~

~A Moment In Time~
Things don’t go wrong and break your heart so you can become bitter and give up..
They happen to break you down and build you up so you can become all that you where intended to be..
If you fall down get up..
It is a struggle at best to heal from our biggest falls..
Take time to grieve,don’t try to make sense of it because you can’t get a do over..
Spend that time selfishly to find your strength and use it to overcome,don’t waste it on being vindictive to plan your revenge..
Don’t wallow in the “Why Me’s” and the “What If”s”..You will never get an answer and what you need is closure..
Time is precious so use it wisely..
Some falls are worse than others,some we never heal completely from because of devastation..
Devastation to most means “Giving Up”..Remember that giving up is not an option,giving in to sorrow is normal..
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to be stubborn, that attitude will make you bitter towards any new adventures..
Experiences are our stepping stones to the next chapter in your story..
Make your story a book that when the last chapter is read it leaves an unforgettable impression..

There is a quote by Albert Einstein that we should all read everyday…
~”Out of clutter find simplicity,from discord find harmony,in the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity”~


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4 thoughts on “~We All Fall~

  1. Hey Stacie –

    I think it’s always best to play the cards we’re dealt in life. If the cards are troubling, then play that situation the best you can. If it hurts then do what ever it ethically takes to relieve the pain and make the situation better. Sometimes our life cards look grim at first glance but I am a firm believer that there is always value to be found in a crummy situation. The way we perceive that negative situation determines how we travel that course in making it better or worse, doable or unattainable, no resolution or a satisfactory mediation, ect. There is beauty and life engaged on a rainy day. How do we view that rainy day? Dismal or amazing! Albert says it best, no? 🙂

    • Brian,
      I absolutely agree with your comment,if we don’t try and try again we will never know what we can accomplish in our life..
      When I say don’t play life too safe I mean we need to step out of the box..If we make a choice and we don’t suceed to reach our goal or we get sidetracked by failing we need to take time to heal but we also need to venture out into the unknown again..It is easy to get discouraged,every choice is a risk we can’t avoid..
      Disappointment is inevitable,we need to get rid of all our hesitation and Seize The Day..
      Your wisdom on life is inspiring..

    • Here is a positive message about what we do when we fall, about what can lift us up when we want to give up and quit. This is a poem that deals with real stuff, of painful happenings and how they can be transformed into new journeys. It shares the essence of a woman who has learned power lessons and shares them.


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