~Waiting For The Storm To Pass~

~Write On Paper~

~Winter Of The Heart~

A Beautiful Song,It Is Peaceful For The Soul..
Thanx to Debra Krista..

I want to dedicate this song to a great friend..Who lost her Mom..A life taken to quickly…
Her personality was one of a kind,She was funny and good natured..I can still remember her distinctive laugh that is so fresh in my mind..
Her daughter was her world and also her best friend..
She embraced me like I was her own..
Which I will be forever greatful..
Rest Peacefully..


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3 thoughts on “~Winter Of The Heart~

  1. These are beautiful words set to music with images. The reveal emotions we images that she create for us. They draw us close to a woman’s loss and we feel that loss in our hearts. CURTIS

    • Curtis,
      I wish I could take some of her pain and help her carry it..
      After I read this I told her about your comment,feeling the pain of someone you don’t know makes you stand out from others…True compassion is rare,I can feel this comes from within..
      Thank You,

  2. Since I found out the news about my wonderful friends Mom,My mind keeps wondering off in disbelief..I also can’t stop thinking about my friend and the emptiness she must feel every minute of every hour of everyday..I hear it in her voice and read it in a letter she sent me..Before I posted this song in dedication to her mom I was writing my next post for my journal here on WordPress about a special friendship..I just wanted to tell you how this made me think about how life works and what I say over and over..Life is unpredictable and sometimes we lose people that we are close to unexpetidly..My friend had a great relationship with her Mom which is a gift in it self..Including myself,we sometimes say hurtful things to the ones we Love..This made me think what if I said some awful things to someone out of bitterness and then an unforeseen tragedy takes their life we will never get a chance to take back what was said..

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