~Waiting For The Storm To Pass~

~Write On Paper~

~Write On Paper~

I write about life,my perception on our journey through the unknown.
Taking a step back to make sense out of taking the next step forward.
Our choices in this life are risky but we all have to make them so be as risky as you can,don’t play it to safe.
How will you know what you can accomplish if you don’t take a chance,sure you might fail but if you don’t even try your not living you are existing.
Some of the greatest things in life are the unseen.
We all stumble,there are no exceptions,we are all human and perfection does not exist in humanity.
Most of us will fall,some of us will hit the pavement hard,so hard that getting back up feels impossible.
The hardest parts of life eventually will become our existence.
The moral of the story is no matter where you are in life,sitting on top of a mountain or struggling to make it through each day a minute at a time…Life is unpredictable and it can change with a blink of an eye…

Mine did and that is what brought me here..Nine years ago my life changed in one day,ONE DAY,it is inconceivable to believe never mind living it..
Recently I changed my genre of writing,I decided to write about my life,my blink of an eye,that one day I was sideswiped by a phone call and within hours became a nightmare that I could not wake up from,that became Reality within minutes.


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21 thoughts on “~Write On Paper~

  1. Live a life worth writing about. That may sound like a big responsibility. However, it simply means exactly what you said. We should take every opportunity to excel, to do something different, to live and not just exist. You’ve lived that life, and you’re overcoming it. Good for you.

    • Orlando,
      What a surprise..Thank You I am so glad you came by and read my journal..
      I am so moved by the support that has been brought my way..I am blessed by each comment in a different way..I appreciate you,in taking the time to read and sharing your thoughts with me..
      I hope you will come back and go threw this journey with me..

    • This poem takes us to new realizations about life. It brings drama to the circumstances that cause great pain. It offers compassion, understanding and healing. It gets to the very core of our being and offers us hope for our journeys.


  2. Hi Stacie~

    Well, you are singing a song I am somewhat familiar with. I know what it is like to have your life change in the blink of an eye all too well. But you can blossom from again out of that gloomy storm. I can also tell you, from my experience, when you feel the need to write about it, that will become a tremendous healing tool for you and all you need to do is follow your gut and write! Someday I will write my story as painfully real as everyday reality. Right now that doesn’t work for me. But after two books into my YA fantasy trilogy I have felt tremendous healing. So, whichever path you chose, as long as you follow your gut, it will be the right one for you and you will make great strides to healing the hole within you. My life changed over 14 years ago, it changed again a little over a year ago when I finally committed myself to my story. I have faith that your journey will be a beautiful one, and I already see a nice circle of support.

    I love that saying, “You don’t know how strong you are until… until being strong is the ONLY choice you have.” – So true.

    • Debra,
      I was on your WordPress last night..what a coincidece..I love your post about your son while in the car driving in the car he asked you what he does when he wants to smile…I have a five year old son and their words are so precious..
      The support I am getting is a complete shock and at the same time gives me the push and confidence to do this..
      Knowing that their are others who actually know and can identify with deviation is all new to me..I don’t have one friend or family member that can relate..
      I wrote for years,a journel that only I had access to about my difficulties to understand why my life took such a nose dive.It help to vent but as the years went by it was only a quick fix of the heart..
      I am trying to put these events in order for the reader and it is an impossibility…
      Finding my way hopefully becomes easier..
      ThankYou Debra
      Any pointers please share.
      My email address is on my profile page..

      • I also have a five-year-old. She is turning six later this month. She is a handful! They keep you on your toes! But keep your ears open, you never know what wisdom you will gain from them.

        No luck yet with the video? I can’t find your page to email you. You can email me at debra kristi at gmail dot com remove the spaces and replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols. It’s always easy to find along the top of my page at “contact me”

        • I know what you mean when you say keeping you on your toes..I have a daughter who three,will be four in Feb..
          They are a handful,but like you said very wise beyond their age..I can not get the video on but I will not stop trying..I really love the peace it brings me..I have you to Thank for that,peace is rare these day’s….I will email you and going to put my email on here..Thanks for lookin out..LOL Don’t know why i didnt notice it was not on here..

          • There is a lot to keep track of. I still have a lot of changes to make on my blog, but each day is a highest priority first sort of thing. I only got my email on my blog recently. Took me awhile to figure out how to get it on there. I don’t think WP makes it easy. I don’t know if you can get the video on your blog from a phone. I can’t do much from my phone. I can’t even comment on blogs from my phone. I’m smart phone dumb. LOL Do you have a local library you can go to? You can use their computer to log onto WP and load the video that way if you don’t want to wait for your fixed PC. Just a thought.

            Isn’t it lovely having a boy and a girl? My girl loves to boss my boy around all the time. The fighting is wonderful. My boy is an Asperger so he doesn’t handle it well. It can be a challenge. But he has a heart of gold and I gain the greatest insight from him.

  3. Stacie… I love the honesty and fearlessness that you brought to this post–straight from your heart. I am really looking forward to reading more.

  4. Strange … My life took an unusual turn just over 9 years ago and soon, 2012 comes marking it as a decade. I think our deepest pains, fears, and sufferings of the secret shadows we reside in tell a more powerful story than anything fictitious … I too bleed out my words of such things and I commend you for having the strength to speak of such things as well.

    I can’t wait to read your story as I am sure you’ll also read mine.

    Sincerely: (the mysterious recluse @jdwritr)

    • Wow,I am so glad you read my first post..I have been having a hard time with where to begin..
      I would not wish a pain so deep on anyone..The weight gets heavy and hard to carry..
      Knowing that you will be there cheering me on is gratifying and comforting..
      I appreciate the support and applauding your blog as well..
      Thank You..

  5. Stacie DeSantis-Dorego on said:

    It is Wonderful to see the support and the wise words of encouragement..Sometimes in life we look around and get discouraged,it is a feeling that is somehow all new to me..
    Having friends that have faith in who you are, is like therapy for the soul.. Thank You for being part of that stepping stone of accomplishment..

  6. Hi Stacie –

    Thank you for offering a wonderful first blog post. Everything we do in life and every decision we make has some risks associated with them. Even walking through the grocery store has some risks but we must shop for food, right? Sometimes the food looks desireable, other times there is abundance, and then there are times there is none of what we intended on buying. Oh no. What if the food is contaminated? What happens if the floor is wet from a customer spill? Risks = the roller coaster of life. I like taking risks and the older I get, the more I try to make those risks more educated (more safe). Life is a roller coaster of up and downs but the ups are a nice ride and the falls are learning experiences. You’re doing wonderful, Stacie :).

    • Brian My Dear Friend,
      Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog..
      Your comment is so true,life is never simple but the way we proceed into our future is most important..
      I hope you come back to read and comment with your inspiration and understanding..

  7. Life is an unpredictable journey and as you have very well said, sometimes we are on our way up while others on our way down but the most important thing is to keep your beliefs, your principles and your values as a human being because they will give you the courage to continue the journey.

    • Hello Ana,
      I finally get to reply to your comment that really put a smile on my face..:)
      Knowing friends are pulling for you makes all the difference when writing your deepest thoughts for the world to read..
      Thank You..

  8. Life is a journey much like writing a book. I agree that we can’t erase our mistakes, but we can learn from them. Each of us have a purpose for being here. Yours may be to help others find their way through this treacherous path into the unknown. I sense you have something very emotional to tell your readers. We are patient so take your time. In the end many lives will be touched, I am certain of it. Thanks for being my friend!

    • My Dear Friend..
      What a beautiful comment to my first post on my new blog..The Words in your comment give me the courage to write this.
      I apologize for the site not being complete..I am trying to get familiar with wordpress,if I could now master the art of code and widgets..I am failing miserably at technology..lol
      I am honored by your faith in me in my attempt to write something that lies deep and weighs heavy..
      I will value your feedback..Good and Bad..Any suggestions will make me a better writer..
      Thank you,Stacie

  9. Nice looking blog Stacie, what changed in the blink of an eye for you?

    • Hi Lisa,Thank You for taking the time to read my first entry..As you can see it is still in the works so bear with me..
      I wish I could explain it to you in a reply,that is why I started this blog to journal my journey while writing my first book..
      Life is unpredictable,we are so busy that it is hard to stop and enjoy..Hopefully you will come back and read my blog and help me put the pieces together..
      Take some time and enjoy life lisa..Take it from me..
      Again thank you..

  10. I want to Thank Everybody who took the time to read and comment on my blog..
    I appreciate any feedback..I value any advice good or bad..
    Thanks Again, Stacie

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