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~Write On Paper~

I write about life,my perception on our journey through the unknown.
Taking a step back to make sense out of taking the next step forward.
Our choices in this life are risky but we all have to make them so be as risky as you can,don’t play it to safe.
How will you know what you can accomplish if you don’t take a chance,sure you might fail but if you don’t even try your not living you are existing.
Some of the greatest things in life are the unseen.
We all stumble,there are no exceptions,we are all human and perfection does not exist in humanity.
Most of us will fall,some of us will hit the pavement hard,so hard that getting back up feels impossible.
The hardest parts of life eventually will become our existence.
The moral of the story is no matter where you are in life,sitting on top of a mountain or struggling to make it through each day a minute at a time…Life is unpredictable and it can change with a blink of an eye…

Mine did and that is what brought me here..Nine years ago my life changed in one day,ONE DAY,it is inconceivable to believe never mind living it..
Recently I changed my genre of writing,I decided to write about my life,my blink of an eye,that one day I was sideswiped by a phone call and within hours became a nightmare that I could not wake up from,that became Reality within minutes.


~Letting Go~

~Letting Go~

~Letting Go~
When people walk away from me I will let them go…
It does not mean they are bad people…
It is not always easy,especially the ones who leave memories behind…
It just means that their part of my story is over…

~A New Day~

I feel like I am on a roller coaster,especially these past few weeks..
One day I am up,the next I am down..When balance is all I seek.. Dealing with the present as I am working through the past is harder than one would think..

So a couple of days ago I  went to check my overflowing emails and as I am speed reading through them I saw a name that sent an arrow through my heart..

A friend who I have not spoken to in eight long years,not just a friend,my best friend since we were five years old..
The one who knows me better than I know myself..If we were not together we were blinking our flashlights out our bedroom windows to each other,In some kind of crazy morse code..
We would argue over who was going to be WonderWomen because we both wanted to have gold boomerang headbands to save the world,or I always wanted to play school but I had to be the teacher because I loved writing on the chalkboard and she would give in for only a minute and then back to singing WonderrrWomennn..She was Laverne and I was Shirly.

We went through every broken heart together,from little boy crushes to teen heartache and even divorce..
The one thing that never changed was no matter what life threw at us laughter was always our way to get through it.We talked soon after I emailed her back and even though we had a lot to catch up on it`s like we never stopped talking..This has been a gift to me that is 

Having a hundred friends surrounding you is great,but to have that one true friend is priceless..

~Lean On Me~

A friend is someone who knows your strength in your heart and gives it back to you when you have forgotton you have it..

A friend is someone who gives you a voice they know you have when you can not speak because of devastation..

~Finding What Once Was~

~Finding What Once Was~

I decided to change my genre of writing,not forever just for my first book.. Waiting for the storm to pass is my journal to share with you. My goal is to write on paper. I can not write all the aspects of how my life changed and wrap it into one book..

I am still trying to wrap my head around how my life became chapters of a book.. This is what I have been struggling with; how to put these events that completely changed who I once was..Stacie..

I say Stacie because that is how I feel..I can’t find her..
searching for my soul.. the person I once was.. my comfortable me!

For anyone who is interested in my story, let me give you an idea of who I am.. I am the youngest of three girls. We all attended Catholic School even though my parents were not religious in any way they felt the need to send us, which I am grateful for..

My childhood was far from perfect and I still search for answers to the questions that pull at my soul..When I say far from perfect I don’t mean devastating. I was not abused or uncared for. I was never hungry or went without..

I kn
ow the heart wrenching life that children experience and would never complain or even try to compare the depths of our souls.. My parents selfish needs and their worse than unhealthy relationship was and still continues to be what ultimately brought me down to my knees..

I need to heal and can’t think of any other way than putting my pen to paper and writing about it..Laying down and just existing cannot be the answer..


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