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~A New Day~

I feel like I am on a roller coaster,especially these past few weeks..
One day I am up,the next I am down..When balance is all I seek.. Dealing with the present as I am working through the past is harder than one would think..

So a couple of days ago I  went to check my overflowing emails and as I am speed reading through them I saw a name that sent an arrow through my heart..

A friend who I have not spoken to in eight long years,not just a friend,my best friend since we were five years old..
The one who knows me better than I know myself..If we were not together we were blinking our flashlights out our bedroom windows to each other,In some kind of crazy morse code..
We would argue over who was going to be WonderWomen because we both wanted to have gold boomerang headbands to save the world,or I always wanted to play school but I had to be the teacher because I loved writing on the chalkboard and she would give in for only a minute and then back to singing WonderrrWomennn..She was Laverne and I was Shirly.

We went through every broken heart together,from little boy crushes to teen heartache and even divorce..
The one thing that never changed was no matter what life threw at us laughter was always our way to get through it.We talked soon after I emailed her back and even though we had a lot to catch up on it`s like we never stopped talking..This has been a gift to me that is 

Having a hundred friends surrounding you is great,but to have that one true friend is priceless..

~Lean On Me~

A friend is someone who knows your strength in your heart and gives it back to you when you have forgotton you have it..

A friend is someone who gives you a voice they know you have when you can not speak because of devastation..


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